Penulis: Arius A. Kambu ( ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to explain in depth and thorough about the value of kinship and consumptive pattern that gives a clear impact on the pattern of the business establishment of Meybrat people. The sample access is all kinds of Meybrat people’s business. This study used a.. read more →

Penulis: Agustina Sanggrangbano ( ABSTRACT Decentralisation specially in autonomy type is an example of institution changing occurs particularly in Indonesia. In the New Institutional Economics (NIE) perspective, institution role of the game in society  is formal and informal which is used as a boundary in interaction between particular people. The existence of decentralisation is an.. read more →

Penulis: Charley M. Bisai (, Anthonius H. Citra Wijaya ( ABSTRACT This study aims to obtain a clear image as well as evaluate the extent of local government and the regions have implemented the Public Finance Management, (PFM) efficiently and effectively and in accordance with applicable legislation. Assessment of financial management areas include some aspects: (1).. read more →

Penulis: Mesak Iek ( ABSTRACT Objective of the Study is to identify planning and financial management problem which are sourced from Papua’s Special Autonomy Fund for education and health services in mountainous areas, difficult access areas and easy access areas. The approach used in this study is a case study which is one of the.. read more →

Penulis: Yundy Hafizrianda ( ABSTRACT This study generally aims to provide a clear image of the sectoral macro economic potential in Jayapura City. More specific, the objectives are: (a) determine and analyze base sectors in Jayapura City, (b) identify and analyze the performance of economic sectors in Jayapura City in order to know the sectors.. read more →